Virtual Akron

Based in Akron, Ohio, Cogneato was started in 1999 by head designer, Ronald Higgins, as a way to explore a wide range of interests and skills.

Each member of the Cogneato team draws upon years of technical experience and artistic expression with the tools of the digital age. This comfort level allows the technology to purr quietly in the background while the spotlight focuses on the essence of the client's vision.

Cogneato's designs are recognized for their uniquely clean style, intuitive navigation, and powerful tools. "I think a lot of designers in the past missed the point," explains Ron, "if technology is not making our lives easier, if we get frustrated by a clunky interface, then all the gadgetry in the world is not going to help."

Now as a growing company, the philosophy of "less can be more," combined with a focused respect for the end user, has attracted discerning clients from a wide range of industries.

We subscribe to a more basic philosphy: advertising, media, and technology are about only two people - you and your customer. Our job is to form a connection between the two of you in the most seemless way possible without drawing attention to ourselves.

Clean, fast designs and intuitive interfaces are the hallmarks of our work. We respect the viewer and that is why, time and again, our clients find that their customers come to them with an overwelming amount of praise.

Cogneato provides a wide range of services:

  • Web Design & Internet Applications
  • Video, Audio & DVD Production
  • Business Image Consulting
  • Advertising, Graphic & Print Design
  • Hardware & Network Support


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