Virtual Akron

The village of Akron was established by General Simon Perkins when plans for the Ohio & Erie Canal were finalized in 1825. He donated the land for the canal and much of the town. Akron received its city charter from the state on March 12, 1836.

- Akron City Club
- E. J. Thomas Hall
- First Night Akron
- Grandmother's Video
- Inventure Place
- O'Neils Christmas Windows
- St. Bernards Church


How many buildings can you identify in the Akron skyline? You'll need a sharp eye because some of them are hiding!

Stumped? Click on the building name to reveal its location:

First Energy
Knight Center
First Nat'l Tower
First Merit
Greystone Hall
Quaker Square
Cascade One
Delaware Building
All-Ohio Sports Store
Ohio Building
Landmark Building
Stubbs Justice Center
St. Bernards


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