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In the 1800s, Ohio led the nation in the number of covered bridges with over 2,000, the first built in 1809. The reconstructed Everett Road Covered Bridge is a fine example of these bridges that were once commonplace in our area. The roofs and sides of covered bridges protected the hard-to-replace floors.

While its original date of contruction is uncertain, the Everett Road Covered Bridge is patterned on the 1869 Smith Truss design. The popularity of covered wooden bridges faded in the 1880s with the appearance of more durable iron bridges. The Everett Road Covered Bridge stands as the only remaining covered bridge in Summit County.

This is a great stopping point for any afternoon drive through the scenic Canal Way or as part of a day trip to Hale Farm & Village. The nearby Riding Run Bridle Trail is a favorite for horseback riding.

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