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Grandmother's Video is one of those places you can walk through a thousand times and still see something new... and that something usually brings back some fond TV memories while at the same time reminding you how old you really are.

Located on right downtown near the Library, Grandmother's has provided video production services for nearly 25 years. The real fun of this place, however, is the incredible collection of television memorabilia, antique TVs, and other items related to the pop-culture phenomenon of television. Collector and owner, David Blewette, original goal was to get one item from every television show made. While this is quite a bit tougher goal than he originally imagined, Dave's collection has grown to include thousands of items from shows throughout television history.

"As a television producer and consumer, I try to be aware of television rhetoric by collecting TV artifacts that tell about the values, stereotypes, fantasies, and styles of our culture," explains Dave. "My collection is not an altar, but an archive."

This collection has been featured in museums and has received quite a bit of press, both from newspapers and television programs. Tours are by appointment only.


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