Virtual Akron

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The Akron City Club's website was our first that included an entire virtual tour. Visitors to the website can click a door to walk through the club, something which, at the time, was rare for club websites in Northeast Ohio.

Members and the Board of Trustees both had many wonderful things to say about the finished website and virtual reality tour. One of our favorite quotes came from a former Catering Director:

"Really, I'm so jealous - it is fantastic, especially the tour and hot spots."

And here's one from a member:

"The pages look great... you must be sinfully proud."

Website by Cogneato

The owner of Guys Party Center,"Rocky," recognized the power of VR images the first time he saw one, but what he didn't know was just how soon the images would benefit him.

A couple weeks before we had finished their site, a bride-to-be visited Guys and loved it, but there was one problem. Her parents refused to pay the deposit until they saw the place themselves, and they lived out of state.

Christine, the manager at Guys, told the bride to have her parents look at the virtual reality images on the website, even though it was not quite finished. The parents called back that same day with their credit card number. Guys' website had paid for itself before it was even finished.

The Highland Theater
Website by Cogneato

After decades of neglect by past owners, Terry Deane purchased the Highland with the goal of restoring it to its orignal glory. Over half a million dollars of renovations later, The Highland has reclaimed its place as a true Akron landmark.

The only things left to do was to show Akronites just how much the place has changed inside... and the VR images that accompanied the website we created for the Highland served that purpose, and more. In addition to much positive local response, Terry enjoys showing off his theater to agents for major acts all over the nation through the VR images.


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